Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We have seen the enemy, and he are mostly us!


Tom Friedman of the  NYT has a great way of standing back and looking at ourselves, our government and our global relationships, and in my judgment he usually gets it right.

He hits the jackpot again today while contemplating the CHINA Syndrome.

Please read this regardless of your Political affiliation.



Too Many Hamburgers?



Published: September 21, 2010

Tianjin, China

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why “Beating the Reaper”?

Let me just say that I have reached an age when ‘Beating the Reaper’ is a not  inappropriate interest.  For me, discussing interesting topics with thoughtful people is my preferred method of beating him back.
I consider myself to be pretty omnivorous, and topics are defined accordingly then, as anything I have found interesting, fun, and can discuss, or learn from.  The last thing you should expect here is expert knowledge.
Several topics which have consistently interested me as an amateur, over the years, are:

Avoiding the tender mercies of the Health Care Profession, and Big Pharma.

The psychology of money, wealth, economy,government.

Imagining ways in which to prevent greed, fear, and political deadlock, ruining our way of life and ultimately our planet;particularly Man’s use of energy, and its implications for the future of our planet.

Motivation of people, great ideas, words, speeches, writings, quotations.

Pleased be warned in advance that I am dogmatically opposed to all DOGMA, whatever its source. Otherwise,  if you see anything here that floats your boat, please have at it!
I do ask that if you quote other peoples' words or work, you give them appropriate credit. Opposing points of view welcomed, but please no flaming.

Thank you.